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Ted Bauer Scholars


Ted Bauers Scholars and Advisory BoardRead More on Ted Bauer Business Scholars Luncheon

Ted Bauer Scholars in the Marilyn Davies College of Business Building
The C.T. Bauer Foundation Continues to Shape Futures for Business Students

Ted Bauer Group Photo in the Welcome Center
The C.T. Bauer Foundation Supporting Second Round of Business Scholarships

Marilyn Davies College of Business BuildingGrant from The C.T. Bauer Foundation to Fund Scholarships for Business Students

Ted Bauer Scholars and LeadershipThe University of Houston-Downtown’s Marilyn Davies College of Business has long prepared students for careers within the city’s robust workforce. Thanks to a new grant from the C.T. Bauer Foundation, the college will have the resources to further support students’ academic success and professional development.

The scholarship’s namesake, Ted Bauer, was known in Houston and throughout the nation as a forward-thinking business leader, who adhered to the belief that “People are the Product.” This scholarship will reflect his vision and that of the foundation to invest in business students, who have the potential to help the Houston business community grow.

The scholarships are ultimately a win-win for Houston students and employers. By supporting the professional growth and education of tomorrow’s workforce, the Ted Bauer Undergraduate Business Scholarships have the potential to contribute to Houston’s thriving economy.

Cristi Wade

Growth Happens When You’re Uncomfortable

Senior Cristi Wade majored in Marketing at MDCOB, an experience that inspired her to give back. Watch the video to hear Cristi’s story, then head to UHD News to learn how she has grown through her UHD experiences.

Leslie Campana Ardite

‘Support Is There for the Asking’

Senior Leslie Campana Ardite came to UHD to pursue a degree in Accounting. Based on her supportive experience at MDCOB, she encourages students to seek community among their peers. Watch the video to hear from Leslie. then read about her biggest college lesson—learning to rely on others—in UHD News.

Amira Madi

Even the Smallest Achievement Pushes You Toward Greater Things

Senior Amira Madi was determined to focus on service during COVID—a decision that led her to choose Management as her course of study. Listen as Amira shares her thoughts, then read about lessons she learned on managing for life in UHD News.

Romina Mendoza

Always Be in Constant Development’

Recent alum Romina Mendoza credits the skills she learned at UHD and the support of the Bauer scholarship for her early career success—she landed a job at a top accounting firm before graduation. Listen to her story and read more about her future plans in UHD News.