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BBA in Human Resource Management



Human Resource Management
Bachelor of Business Administration

Undergraduate (Bachelors)

On Campus (In-Person)

Online Completion

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UHD is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP​®


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Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management

Program Overview

The BBA in Human Resource Management program is designed considering the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) HR Curriculum (endorsed by AACSB International) in order to be listed as an aligned program. Aligned programs are listed in SHRM's HR Program Directory and graduates of these programs are immediately eligible for a special SHRM student certification (regardless of their work experience).

Following national SHRM standards, our design has the following structure:

  • Preparatory Requirements / Common Core Requirements: 42 hours.
  • Business Core Requirements: 48 hours.
  • HRM Major Requirements: 30 hours. Twenty-four hours are required and cover such topics as foundations of HRM, legal aspects of HRM, compensation and benefits, diversity and inclusion in organizations, training and development, staffing, HR analytics, and the strategic contribution of HR. Six hours will be chosen from a set of electives. Internships and the SHRM CP preparation course are encouraged as electives, but other options will be available for students who may already be practitioners in the field or who are already SHRM CP certified or prefer to take this certification later in their careers.

The program is valuable for a range of candidates:

  • First time in college interested in working to enhance employee performance in the workplace
  • Transfer students with associates degrees or coursework in business, accounting, finance, management – and whom enjoy creating effective organizations

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the BBA in Human Resource Management will be able to:

  • Understand the legal, regulatory, and ethical aspects of HRM processes.
  • Design compensation and benefits systems that are internally fair and externally competitive.
  • Examine the various forms of diversity and inclusion and their role in business.
  • Create strategies to identify needs, design, implement and evaluate effective training and development programs.
  • Develop practical skills to attract, select and manage talent.
  • Outline the logic, metrics, methods, and data analysis conducive to strategic HR decision making.
  • Design HRM systems aligned to the strategic organizational intent.


As a Human Resource Management major you will be equipped with a skill set which can aid your entry into many occupations, leading to a choice of careers. Skills acquired via the major are in high demand. By completing a degree in Human Resource Management, students set themselves apart to succeed in business. A degree in HRM at UHD prepares students for a variety of jobs. Career paths include but are not limited to:

  • Training and development specialists
  • Compensation and benefits specialist
  • Job analyst
  • Recruitment specialist
  • HR Specialist
  • HR Manager

Degree Requirements

Total number of hours required for BBA in Human Resource Management: 120 hours. Minimum 2.00 UHD GPA and 2.00 GPA in Business courses are required for graduation .

Course Number Required Courses (24 hours)
MGT 3302 Foundations of Human Resource Management
MGT 3313 Legal Issues in Human Resource Management
MGT 3306 Compensation and Benefits
MGT 3307 Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations
MGT 3312 Training and Development
MGT 4310 Staffing
MGT 4319 Human Resource Analytics
MGT 4342 Strategic Human Resource Management
Elective Courses (6 hours) Choose two courses:
MGT 3310 Service Operations Management
MGT 3325 Retail Management
MGT 4301 International Management
MGT 4303 Small Business Management
MGT 4304 Organizational Behavior
MGT 4308 Managerial Leadership
MGT 4317 Problem Solving and Decision Making
MGT 4380 Field Experience (HR Internship)
MGT 4318 Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional® (SHRM-CP) Preparation

For course descriptions please see the Undergraduate Catalog.