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UHD Insurance and Risk Management Center Fall Speaker Series

The UHD Insurance and Risk Management Center hosted a virtual speaker series, which featured the following presentations:

Barbara Winsky, VP of Technical Training and Development with JENCAP Insurance Services, gave a presentation on October 6 entitled “WHY Insurance?” She spoke about the plethora of opportunities in the insurance industry and many reasons why insurance should be chosen as a career.

James Morrison, a National Cyber Security Specialist with Intelisys, gave a presentation on October 20 entitled “How Cybersecurity Insurance Will Drive Technology Innovation in The Future”. He provided reasons why companies need to buy cyber insurance to comply with more requirements including the deployment of new technologies.

Graham Kenyon, VP Risk Management with Orion Group Holdings, gave a presentation on November 9 entitled “Deepwater Horizon – Effective Risk Management in a Crisis Managing the Unimaginable”. He spoke about the critical role risk management played in the largest marine oil spill in history on April 20, 2010.

The Marilyn Davies College of Business is dedicated to the professional development of our students both inside and outside of the classroom. The speaker series provided an opportunity for students to increase their network and gain exposure to the growing field of insurance and risk management. We are proud of our faculty and staff and the professional connections they can bring to enrich the academic experience four our students.

Barbara Winsky Presentation on Why Insurance
James Morrison Presentation How Cybersecurity Insurance will drive technology Innoivation in the future
Graham Kenyon Presentation Effective Risk Management in a Crisis