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Featured on Today's show

Professor Dietrich Von Biedenfield featured on the Today Show

The “Great Resignation” or “The Great Regret?” Many U.S. workers who changed jobs during the “Great Resignation” regret quitting their old job. To discuss current employment trends, the TODAY shows featured UHD Professor Dietrich Von Biedenfield as a subject matter expert on the issue. 
Professor Von Biedenfield discusses the shift in career changes and new perceptions that are trending in employment. He says it is mostly younger employees driving the career changes. “We’re an instant gratification culture generally but especially in the millennial and Gen Z area” Von Biedenfield says. 
Professor Biedenfield provides some helpful advice if you are one of the people that is thinking about resigning to go to another job. 
Before you make a major life change, ask potential employers these questions: 
  1. How many hours can I expect to be in the office versus working remote? 
  2. What is my team going to look like? 
  3. When you first came, what was the most unexpected aspect of the job? 
He also recommends shadowing an employee to get a feel of the daily routine and company culture. Company culture is hard to gauge if you are only interviewing via Zoom. The job title may imply that you may be doing something cool or innovative, but the reality is you are on the phone all day answering customer complaints. 
“A lot of times, the grass is not any different on the other side of the fence,” says Von Biedenfield. 
Check out the full interview from the Today's Show.