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MDCOB Wishes a Happy Retirement to Two Faculty Members

MDCOB Faculty Update


Steven P. Coy, Ph.D. 

After 20 years, Dr. Steven P. Coy has retired from UHD. A passionate educator, Coy served many functions at the Marilyn Davies College of Business. Teaching decision-making, operations management, and project management at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, Dr. Coy was instrumental in educating the next generation of business professionals. Additionally, Coy impacted the Security Management program, serving as the Interim Director and bringing total enrollment to record numbers. 
Well accomplished and well respected, Dr. Steven P. Coy worked hard perfecting and analyzing content to optimize learning outcomes for his students, much of which he developed from scratch. In addition to his teaching and commitment to his curriculum, Coy has been instrumental outside the classroom. With 19 peer-reviewed journals, four book chapters, and 12 pieces published in conference proceedings, Coy has retired with his fingerprints on business academia. 
Dr. Coy’s record is commendable, considering his dedication to his students and the study of business. Though he will be missed by MDCOB and the gator family, his impact on the study of business and future business professionals will be felt for years to come. The Marilyn Davies College of Business wish Dr. Steven P. Coy a happy retirement.
Doug teDuits, Ph.D. 
A 16-year veteran of UHD, Dr. Doug teDuits has retired from the Marilyn Davies College of Business. During his time at UHD, teDuits served as a Campus Relations Officer, Assistant Vice President for Employment Services and Operations, a Visiting professor and an Assistant Professor in Management Master of Business Administration (now MGTI). 
Dr. teDuits will be remembered for his passion for helping students learn and succeed during their time at UHD and far after. His commitment to student success was evident each semester, as many students would thank him for developing their knowledge in skills as they entered the workforce. 
Dr. teDuits truly embodied UHD’s core missions of teaching and service with the goal of developing students and preparing them for their professional careers. With his commitment to selflessness and service, Dr. teDuits will be greatly missed and remembered for working tirelessly to help students reach their full potential in their academic and professional careers.