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Dr. Carlos Gooden

Here are three questions with Dr. Gooden!

Can you give our readers, who may not yet know you, a brief professional background?

I've had the privilege of working in admissions in a variety of institutions from large, public universities and a large private business school, to small private institutions, a faith-based institution, a predominantly black institution (PBI) and an HBCU (Historically Black College and University). I'm excited to bring these wealth of diverse, professional experiences to UHD and the Marilyn Davies College of Business.

With you at the helm of the largest MBA program in the state of Texas, what could possibly be your next goal, or goals for the UHD MBA program?

This is a great question! My high-level goals are two-fold. First, I hope to continue to ensure a successful incoming class and enrollment for the UHD MBA program. Secondly, I strive to give prospective students an application and recruitment experience that is truly representative of the UHD MBA program. Everyone in the Marilyn Davies College of Business has been so warm, welcoming, and helpful and it is my goal to translate this sense of belonging to students seeking an MBA degree. Overall, I want to make sure that our program is visible in the community and prepared to be the top destination of choice for graduate business education in the region.

A little known fact about me that might surprise our readers?

I stand tall at 6'5" but people are most surprised that I am also a vegetarian! In January 2020, I tasked myself to eat more fruits and veggies to beat a cold. It turned into a thirty day challenge that naturally evolved into never turning back. In that time frame, I also went vegan for two months. That is a fun fact that still surprises me (even today)!