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Soft Start MBA: Two Year Path


Why I Chose UHD MBA​


The UHD part time MBA two year path is the most popular format among our students. This program is available for both the soft start and the traditional start students.

Soft Start MBA, Two Year Path:

In the first year, students pursue their selected MBA Concentration:

In the second year, students take the 20 credit hours of MBA Core classes.

Traditional Start:

For part time MBA students admitted through the traditional process:

  • The core classes can be taken in the first year followed by the concentration classes in the second year. Traditional students can choose any of the available concentrations and they can also pursue a dual concentration  
  • MBA General Management is only available to students admitted through the traditional process . The classes are 14 credit hours in addition to the 20 credit hours of MBA Core classes

Please note that for some MBA candidates leveling courses may be required which may extend the time needed for the completion of the program.  The two year and three year MBA programs may not be available to international students. For a complete determination of full and part time statuses, a sequence plan developed with one of your MBA advisors is necessary.