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Soft Start MBA: Three Year Path

The UHD soft start MBA three year path is a desirable option for students whose schedules do not accommodate the full time one year MBA or the soft start two year MBA. This program is available for both the soft start and the traditional start students.

MBA soft start, Three Year Path:

In the first year, students pursue their selected concentration:

In the second and third year, students take the 20 credit hours of MBA core courses, taking one course every eight weeks.

If students require leveling courses, the first year is dedicated to the leveling courses, followed by concentration courses in the second year while the core classes are taken in the third year.


  • Students admitted through the traditional process can follow the same path as the soft start or they can take the MBA core courses  in the first two years followed by the concentration courses in  the third year . If  traditional students require leveling courses, they will follow the same options available to soft start students

The Three year MBA program may not be available to international students. For a complete determination of traditional and soft start statuses, a sequence plan developed with one of the MBA  advisors  is necessary.