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Finance Course Descriptions

Interested in pursuing an MBA in Finance or a finance certificate?  Here are the courses you will be taking in this MBA specialization.

Course Descriptions for Courses in the Finance Concentration

MBA6360 Ethical and Professional Standards
MBA6362 Financial Forecasting and Behavior Finance
MBA6364 Capital Markets and Investment Planning
MBA6366 Communication for Financial Professionals
MBA6368 Advanced Corporate Finance

MBA 6360 Ethics and Professional Standards

This course emphasizes the importance of ethical behavior in the financial services industry. The course will provide an intensive study of the CFA® Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct as well as integrate readings and cases drawn primarily from the financial services industry. Students will apply the knowledge learned to recognize and avoid unprofessional practices and unethical behavior.

MBA 6362 Financial Forecasting and Behavioral Finance

This course is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge on how to model historical information and human factors in business forecasting techniques. Students will be able to summarize how behavioral finance complements the traditional finance paradigm with a special focus on the existence and impact of diverse behavioral biases in financial decision-making. The course will adopt an applications oriented approach so that students will be able to explain their financial decision under conditions of uncertainty.

MBA 6364 Capital Markets and Investment Planning

This course is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge of the capital markets, institutions, financial products, and analytical tools and skills needed for investments portfolio management. The objective is to provide students with a solid foundation of basic concepts, tools, and techniques of making informed decisions in the highly dynamic investment environment. Students will utilize computer simulations, internet tools, and specialized software and databases to more fully understand the viewpoint of professional investors.

MBA 6366 Communication for Finance Professionals

In this course, students will develop their ability to communicate with sophisticated financial knowledge in both oral and written formats. Students will apply their knowledge of investment products to develop investment portfolios. Students will learn the importance of tailoring their communication based upon contextual factors (e.g., audience, situation) and they will develop strategies for communicating with various stakeholders.

MBA 6368 Advanced Corporate Finance

The course will emphasize the study of capital budgeting concepts and analysis, capital structure issues, cost of capital, dividend policy considerations, and the market for corporate control. In addition, the course will cover corporate finance concepts, such as cash flow, liquidity, leverage, cost of capital, and dividends, are used in the valuation process. The course reviews the theory and empirical evidence related to the investment and financing policies of the firm.