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Accounting Course Descriptions

Interested in pursuing an advanced degree or certificate in accounting?  Here are the courses you will be taking in this concentration.

Course Descriptions for Courses in the Accounting Concentration

MBA 6310 Advanced Taxation
MBA 6312 Advanced Auditing
MBA 6314 Accounting Research Writing
MBA 6315 Advanced Accounting Topics
MBA 6316 Professionalism for Accountants
MBA 6318 Industry Specific Topics in Accounting

MBA 6310 Advanced Taxation

This course studies the federal laws of the United States and rules that pertain to federal income taxation of Regular (C) Corporations, Partnerships (and Limited Liability Companies (LLC's)) and S Corporations.  In addition, the course will also introduce the issues of State and Local Taxation (various types of taxes) and International Taxation.  The course will emphasize the appropriate laws and rules pertaining to the correct determination and computation of the aforementioned taxation areas and provide students with an understanding of the appropriate manner to report these taxes for the aforementioned entities and others

MBA 6312 Advanced Auditing          

This course builds an understanding of audit and the required risk assessment including evaluation of internal control and reporting of management assertions in the financial statements.  Real-world audit planning and implementation will be examined throughout the course.

MBA 6314 Accounting Research and Writing

This course is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge of accounting research and report writing.  Topics covered will include advanced research in the areas of taxation and financial reporting.  Students will learn to analyze and interpret financial statements, use the Financial Accounting Standards Board Codification as a source of reference and research for generally accepted accounting principles, and use appropriate regulation research in taxation.  Students will learn how to write appropriate research reports in the areas of financial and taxation accounting.

MBA 6315 Advanced Accounting Topics

This course is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge of advanced financial accounting topics.  Topics covered will include business valuation and accounting for mergers and acquisitions, accounting for derivatives, foreign currency, target pricing, and full disclosure.

MBA 6316 Professionalism for Accountants

This course is designed to guide students in the development of leadership skills in the areas of time management, communication, and ethics in an accounting setting.

MBA 6318 Industry Special Topics in Accounting

This course explores accounting issues and practices in a variety of industry settings such as oil and gas, health care, engineering and construction, and manufacturing and distribution.  Key differences in accounting treatment in these industries will be examined.