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MBA Core Course Descriptions

There are a total of 20 credit hours that make up the core of the UHD MBA Degree. There are 10 different two credit hour MBA courses that make up the MBA Core. Additional courses in the program vary depending on which MBA concentration you choose to pursue. Click on the Course title to view Course description.  The MBA Core is comprised of the following classes:

Course Number  

Course Title

Course Hours

MBA 6202
Strategic Management 2
MBA 6203
Managerial Accounting and Budgeting 2
MBA 6204 Managerial Finance 2
MBA 6205 Management of the Supply Chain 2
MBA 6207 Management of Information Flows
MBA 6208 Marketing Management 2
MBA 6211 Managerial Decision Making 2
MBA 6212 Managerial Economics 2
MBA 6213 Management of Organizational Behavior 2
MBA 6216 Capstone
  Total 20