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Supply Chain Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions for Courses in the Supply Chain Concentration

Interested in pursuing an MBA in Supply Chain Management or a supply chain management certificate? Here are the courses you will be taking in this MBA concentration.

MBA 6320 Legal Aspects of Supply Chain Management
MBA 6325 Decision Modeling for Supply Chain Managers
MBA 6328 Logistics
MBA 6324 Operations and Supply Chain Management
MBA 6322 Leadership in Supply Chain Management
MBA 6326 Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

MBA 6320 Legal Aspects of Supply Chain Management

The purpose of this course is to help students become aware of the legal aspect of supply chain management, including specific and relevant state, federal, and international laws and treaties. Students will evaluate case decisions by the courts, as well as ethical considerations.

MBA 6325 Decision Modeling for Supply Chain Managers        

This course provides an extensive introduction to decision modeling for the supply chain manager. Topics covered in the course include decision modeling with spreadsheets, forecasting, linear regression, cost/volume analysis, game theory, Monte Carlo simulation, and linear programming. Students will practice fundamentals and apply course tools to case situations for problem solving. A prior understanding of basic operations management is necessary for acceptable performance in this course, as is some experience using spreadsheets to solve problems.

MBA 6328 Logistics

This course covers the overall logistics process for “time and place utility” of products. Topics include international logistics terms (incoterms), intermodal transportation, regulatory issues in logistics, capacity and scheduling, carrier and service quality, risk and contingency planning, and basic financial transportation decision modeling.

MBA 6324 Operations and Supply Chain Management

This course covers the role for creating values on business output by transforming the quantity, quality, forms, and place attributes of input variables. Theoretical and quantitative concepts, methods, models, and strategies covered in the course include production, inventory, labor, capacity, scheduling, quality, lean, and service operations.

MBA 6322 Leadership in Supply Chain Management

Leadership involves a unique skill set that goes beyond simple management, including how to influence and motivate others, build and support effective teams, communicate effectively, maintain high ethical standards, lead strategic change efforts, and make good decisions. This course prepares current and future managers in supply chain management positions to be effective leaders.

MBA 6326 Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

Students will learn how to develop a procurement strategy that is complementary of the overall organizational strategy. Subjects included in this course are: category management, supplier solicitation, bidding processes, competitive negotiations, price and cost analysis, total cost of ownership, types of purchasing contracts, and international purchasing issues.