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International Business Course Descriptions

Interested in pursuing an MBA in International Business or an international business certificate?  Here are the courses you will be taking in this MBA specialization.

Course Descriptions for Courses in the International Business Concentration

MBA6370 Risk Management
MBA6372 International Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
MBA6374 Ethics, Law and Compliance
MBA6376 International Logistics
MBA6378 International Banking and Finance

MBA 6370 Risk Management

This course is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge of international risk management exposures, alternative and traditional risk mitigation techniques, enterprise risk management for a global enterprise, and analytical tools and skills needed for risk management. The objective is to provide students with a solid foundation of basic concepts, tools, and techniques of making decisions under uncertainty in the highly dynamic international business environment to create value.

MBA 6372 International Strategic Sourcing and Procurement        

This course provides an international look at strategic sourcing and purchasing/procurement with a global focus. Concepts and practices of international procurement are introduced. Real life examples of global operations and supply chains will be examined. Requirements of a successful global procurement function will be specifically studied.

MBA 6374 Ethics, Law and Compliance

This course covers important aspects of law, ethics, and compliance in international business. Topics covered include: culture, ethics, political climate, bribery awareness and anti-bribery laws, legal compliance issues in banking/shipping, dispute resolution/arbitration, OFAC, FCPA, WTO, and other related issues.

MBA 6376 International Logistics

This course covers the overall logistics process for time and place utility of products. Topics include international logistics terms (incoterms), intermodal transportation, regulatory issues in logistics, documentation, shipping, risk and contingency planning, logistics processes and improvement, and basic financial transportation decision modeling. Students will apply relevant industry language and terminology to analyze logistics case problems, including their features, financial aspects, and ethical considerations.

MBA 6378 International Banking and Finance

This course explores issues related to both international financial markets and the operation of banks within the international environment.  The first part of the course will examine issues related to the international markets, including international commercial policy, international capital flows, foreign exchange markets, and the international money markets.  The second part of the course will overview financial issues associated with the operation of a bank in the international environment.  It will examine the activities and roles of financial institutions and banks in the international financial system. A variety of financial instruments and case studies of particular transactions are explored. This course provides a conceptual foundation for understanding global financial issues, and a practical understanding of financing sources for international commerce.