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Gator Bytes Podcast

Gator Bytes is the official podcast of the Marilyn Davies College of Business created to share the experiences of alumni, faculty, corporate fellows, and business students within our Gator business community – real stories of belonging, grit, dedication, and triumph. During our conversations, we dive deep into how each guest has built success through hard work, determination and their connections to the UHD Marilyn Davies College of Business.  

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Dr. Richard Conde Podcast
Dr. Richard Conde on how he turned a $30M company into a $100M company and sales advice

"The Art of Sales" Where we sit down with sales expert Dr. Richard Conde and discuss his background, research projects, how he turned a $30 million company into a $100 million company and advice on sales!

Read about Dr. Conde
Dr. Michael Pettiette Podcast
Dr Michael Pettiette talks about his radio career, starting your own business and the impact of AI

"Business Masterminds" Where we explore the world of AI marketing, digital strategies, branding, and consumer behavior with the dynamic Dr. Michael Pettiette.

Hear more from Dr. Michael Pettiette
Mr. Cleo Franklin podcast
Cleo Franklin on 'Conversations with Cleo' , Culture Shock and Not Quitting

Chief Marketing Officer, writer and UHD corporate fellow, Mr. Cleo Franklin discusses importance of not giving up, imposter's syndrome, the Franklin Leadership Foundation and his book 'Conversations with Cleo'.

Listen to Mr. Franklin's Story
Dr. Esther Casto podcast
Dr. Esther Castro on Paying off Student Loans, Investing, and Financial Horror Stories of the Past

The better we can grasp essential financial practices, the more secure our futures will be.

Dr. Ester Castro's Podcast
Dr. Lin Hong talks about the future of AI and how it will affect business
Dr. Lin Hong talks about the future of AI and how it will affect business

Where we look into the state of artificialintelligence, how we can incorporate into our daily lives, and using AI as a resource rather than a competitor.

Listen to Dr. Lin Hong
Dietrich Von Biedenfeld with Gator Bytes, Episode 2
Dr. Dietrich Von Biedenfeld on Studying Abroad, Exploring New Cultures, and Reveals Next Destination

We have professor, politician, and business law expert, Dr. Dietrich Von Bidenfeld to discuss the ins and outs of international business.

Hear from Dr. Dietrich Von Biedenfeld
Jakobi Augillard-Gator Bytes-Episode 1
Jakobi Augillard on Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch and Making the Most Out of Your Career Fair

Jakobi Augillard, details what it takes to stand out when meeting with recruiters.

Listen to Jakobi Augillard