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Richard Conde, Ph.D.

Richard Conde

Assistant Professor

Office: SSB B467

​Dr. Richard Conde is an Assistant Professor at the University of Houston-Downtown teaching a myriad of sales seminars for MBA students. As the lone full time academic inside sales researcher, Richard is considered an expert on inside sales performance, leadership, and operations. Known as the Inside Sales Geek, Richard has provided consulting services to a number of companies who want to maximize their operations, while at the same time improve employee satisfaction. Prior to becoming an academic, Richard led mid to large inside sales operations of up to 400 inside sales agents and leaders. During his tenure as a sales executive, Richard was recognized for increasing sales revenue from ~$65 million to >$100 million in 3 years with fewer inside sales agents and decreasing, annual inside sales agent turnover from mid 60% to 28%, while improving employee satisfaction from 3.6 to 4.6 based on the Gallup Survey.

​BBA – University of Oklahoma

MS – Southern Nazarene University

Ph.D. – University of North Texas

MBA 6350 Advances in Personal Selling

MBA 6352 Negotiations and Communications

MBA 6354 Integrated Marketing Programs and Sale Force

MBA 6456 Sales Leadership and Managerial Performance

MBA 6358 Sales Strategy

MKT 3304 International Marketing Thank you RC

As the Chief Researcher for the AA-ISP, Richard has provided insights on the conflict of inside sales agent’s job duties, the importance of initial and continuous training, and the limited influence of pay for performance on agent retention. Richard’s consulting expertise include:

  • Leadership and Executive Development
  • Recruiting and Hiring Options
  • Lead Generation
  • Culture Transformation
  • Process Enhancements
  • Updated Compensation Model

Recently, Richard has been sought out to provide quantitative analysis to determine if potential vendors can actually deliver what they promise. Through the use of complex statistical models, Richard is able to isolate performance claims and control for a number of variables. 

As a speaker, Richard has presented on a number of sales and leadership topics to up to 3,000 participants, including: Relationship Building as Leadership Excellence, Leadership Branding Strategy, Leadership Challenges for Diverse Leaders, Corporate Capital and Being the Whole You at the Workplace. In addition, Richard facilitated “Appreciating Differences” training to over 2,000 employees.

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