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Requisitions & Purchase Orders

The Purchasing department is responsible for acquiring goods and services through requisitions, purchase orders and the procurement card which enable the University to accomplish its goals. It is our responsibility to assist in the purchasing of goods and services by obtaining the best value in quality, delivery and cost while maintaining that all procurements are handled in a fair and ethical manner and consistent with following UHD policy statements.

Senate Bill 20 (84th Legislature)

Senate Bill 20, which was signed by Governor Abbott in June 2015 and becomes effective September 1, 2015, has several requirements related to procurement and contracting for state agencies and universities. One of the requirements is to post a list of all contracts (signed agreements and POs) on the University's website for as long as the contract is active. In order to do this, all signed agreements must be encumbered on a PO.

Departments need to do the following to meet the new requirements:

  1. In Requisition or PO Comments, enter the contract number, start and end date for any signed agreement. Also enter the start and end date for any lease, subscription, membership, software license, or maintenance agreement or any purchase that has a start and end date. (Requisition Comments automatically copies to PO Comments.)
  2. Change the Due Date on each line of the requisition (defaults to today's date) to be date that the good or service described on that line is expected to be delivered or completed. You can also change the Due Date in PO Header Defaults so that it changes all PO lines.

Please contact the purchasing department or review the Procedures and FAQ's for more information.

To review purchase orders in Peoplesoft Finance, the navigation is as follows

Maine Menu > Purchasing > Purchase Orders > Review PO Information > Purchase Orders

Reviewing Encumbrance Balances

It is necessary for departments to review their purchase order encumbrance balance periodically and contact the Purchasing department to release the encumbrances or adjust encumbrances accordingly. Use the change order to make necessary adjustments.

Change Order

To view outstanding encumbrances, departments may run the following query or report to see all of their open commitments:


2. UGLS01074, Section 4 (Open Commitments)

To view the encumbrance and liquidation history of a particular purchase order, run the PO Status Report, the navigation in PeopleSoft Finance is as follows

Main Menu > Custom Reports > PO > PO Status Report and Search by PO number from the dropdown menu.