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HR Queries

The following are some of the useful queries which can be used by departments

Peoplesoft HR Navigation: Maine Menu-> Reporting Tools->Query-> Query Viewer

Query Name Description
HRMS_EPAR_PENDING_BY_DEPT Pending ePARs by Dept/Coll/Div
HRMS_EPRF_PENDING_BY_DEPT Pending ePRFs by Dept/Coll/Div
HRMS_TR_BW_PT_EXCEPTS Time Reporting Exceptions
HRMS_EMP_ROSTER_BY_DEPT Employee Roster by Dept ID
HRMS_AM_LV_RQS_PND_APR_DEPT Leave requests pending approval
HRMS_TR_BW_RT_NA_BY_DEPT Biweekly Reported Time pending approval
HRMS_TR_BW_PT_NA_BY_DEPT Biweekly Payable time pending approval
HR_POS_INCUMBENT_HISTORY Position Incumbents History
HRMS_POSITIONS_VACANT_DEPT Vacant Positions by Department