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Time Reporting & Absence Management (TRAM)

The University of Houston System (UHS) TRAM (Time Reporting and Absence Management) system is an automated and updated application for capturing and processing time and leave. This system replaced old paper process to an electronic system for the time reporting process to be more efficient and effective.

Benefits of TRAM include:

  • Decreases paper flow
  • Elimination of paper timesheets
  • Ability for timekeepers to directly enter information from timecards and leave forms into Time and Labor (rather than sending them to the Payroll department for input)
  • Decreased chances of time-reporting errors
  • Online Leave Validation
  • Limited availability of Time Reporting Codes based on employee eligibility
  • Employees paid for every minute they work

In the TRAM, every UHS employee is assigned one or more roles depending on their responsibilities - Time Reporter and/ or Time Approver and /or Payroll Approver.

Time Reporter: (an hourly employee) enters his or her time into PeopleSoft on a daily basis via TCD or Webclock and / or submits Absence requests (Hourly or Salaried) via PASS.

Time Approver (TA): signs off on the time for an employee or group of employees. They are responsible for reviewing and cleaning up exceptions as well as enrolling employees in the system. A Time Approver reviews, corrects and approves reported time in PeopleSoft on a weekly basis.

Time Approver Guide

Payroll Approver (PA): reviews, corrects and approves unapproved payable time. They are responsible for reviewing time before it is submitted to Payroll and making sure that employees are in the system under the correct Workgroups.  Payroll Approvers are responsible for ensuring all Time Approvers have reviewed and approved absence request, unapproved reported time, corrected High Severity Exceptions and corrections for all Monthly and Biweekly employees for each Pay Period by the designated deadlines.

Payroll Approver Guide