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Long Distance Access Codes

Telecommunication Authorization Form

On a monthly basis, the Telecommunications Department will distribute individual reports of use for each employee with a long distance authorization code. Reports will reflect each call charged with the long distance authorization code to the university and the related charges. Personal calls charged to personal calling cards and toll-free calls will be indicated with a zero cost.

It is the responsibility of the departmental or college/division business administrator to ensure that reports are distributed to each employee in a timely fashion when received each month and that they are audited and approved by the individual employee. Lack of compliance with this requirement by the employee shall result in cancellation of the long distance authorization code and loss of long distance privileges.

The business administrator must review the report to ensure there are no irregular long distance expenditures indicated on the monthly reports. Any indication of abuse or irregularity noted by the employee or the administrator must be addressed at once.

  1. The Telecommunications Department shall be notified to take corrective action immediately.
  2. If there is sufficient evidence to indicate that unauthorized charges are being made, the UHD Police Department shall be contacted promptly. Unauthorized use of university long distance services will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination and may result in criminal charges.
  3. In the event that a personal call is made using the university long distance authorization code, the employee shall (1) acknowledge in writing to the department, college or division business administrator that the call was made in error and (2) reimburse the department for the cost of the call, including the applicable sales and use taxes within 10 days from the billing date. Repeated violations will result in cancellation of the employee's long distance authorization code.