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Chartfield Values

Business Unit—Each UH System component is defined as a business unit.

  • 00730—University of Houston
  • 00759—UH Clear Lake
  • 00784—University of Houston-Downtown
  • 00765—UH Victoria
  • 00783—UH System Administration
  • 00797—UH System Consolidated

Fund Code—Are coded by the type of money they represent.

  • 1XXX—State
  • 2XXX—Designated
  • 3XXX—Auxiliary
  • 4XXX—Restricted
  • 5XXX—Grants
  • 6XXX—Endow & Loans
  • 7XXX—Plant
  • 9XXX—Agency

Department ID—Each UH department is assigned a unique department code. The leading character is for the campus. The four numbers following are assigned sequentially.

  • HXXXX—UH Departments
  • CXXXX—UHCL Departments
  • DXXXX—UHD Departments
  • VXXXX—UHV Departments
  • SXXXX—UHSA Departments

Program Code—Five digits are assigned to identify a non-project cost center. The five digits tell the purpose of the cost center by expenditure function. The expenditure function is related to NACUBO reporting.

  • AXXXX—Instructional programs
  • BXXXX—Research programs
  • CXXXX—Public service
  • DXXXX—Academic support
  • EXXXX—Student services
  • FXXXX—Institutional support
  • GXXXX—Plant
  • HXXXX—Scholarship
  • IXXXX— Auxiliary

Project ID—Project cost centers use a common program. The uniqueness of the cost center is provided by the project id. Can be used for grants, capital and other projects. Project id is a seven-digit code.

  • GXXXXXX—Grant or Sponsored Project
  • PXXXXXX—Capital or Building Project
  • AXXXXXX—Administrative Project
  • IXXXXXX—Internal Award Project

Explanation of Chartfield Values - Account Description

Account—describes the nature of the transactions. Account uses a five-digit code. The first digit of the code describes the type of transaction.

Balance Sheet Items:

  • 1XXXX—Asset
  • 2XXXX—Liability
  • 3XXXX—Fund Equity

Income Statement Items:

  • 4XXXX—Revenue
  • 5XXXX—Expense

Explanation of Chartfield Values - Budget Types and Reference

Budget Reference - Budget Reference is the period of time for which expenditures are planned and authorized.

  • UHS has designed six digit budget period coding. Ex: BPXXXX
  • UHS Budget Reference is equivalent to the Fiscal Year.

Budget Types

  • Revenue (REVEST) Budgets – Represent authority to generate and collect revenue.
  • Organization (ORG) Budgets – Represent expenditure budget for non-project/grant cost centers
  • Project/Grant (PROJ_GRT) Budgets – Expenditure budget for project/grant cost centers.