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Cost Centers


A cost center defines whose money it is (department id - responsible party), what type of money it is (fund code - fund source), and what type of activity it is being spent to support, (program code - function of entity).

Speed Type : A Speed Type allows the user to enter "shorthand" keys to trigger a system expansion into the associated cost center values. Each speed type corresponds to only one cost center.

Composition of PeopleSoft Cost Center is a series of components used to create a Chartfield Value.

Business Unit - Fund Code - Department ID -Program Code - Project / Grant ID - Chartfield 1 (If Any)

Budget Reference

The Chartfield Values are explained in the Charfield Vales page

Review Cost Center in Peoplesoft

Navigate to UHS Finance module

Business Processes >GL > Cost Center Definition

Cost Center Review Screenshot

Type in the department number (Ex. D0031)      

Cost Center Screenshot

 Click Search for a list of all cost centers in your department.

Tip : Utilize the Query feature in PS Finance to get a list of cost centers and their descriptions.