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Baseline Standards

Office of the President Office of the President FY23
Office of the Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Office of the Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs FY23
  Research and Sponsored Programs FY23
  Institutional Effectiveness FY23
  Distance Education FY23
  Programming and Curriculum FY23
  Library FY23
  Honors Program FY23
  Continuing Education FY23
  Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence FY23
Marilyn Davies College of Business College of Business, Office of the Dean FY23
  General Business, Marketing and Supply Management FY23
  Finance and Management Information Systems FY23
  Accounting and International Business FY23
  Management and Insurance Risk Management FY23
College of Public Service College of Public Service, Office of the Dean FY23
  Criminal Justice FY23
  Social Work FY23
  Criminal Justice Training Center FY23
  Urban Education FY23
  Center for Family Strengths FY23
  Applied Administration FY23
College of Humanities & Social Sciences College of Humanities & Social Sciences, Office of the Dean FY23
  English FY23
  Arts and Communications/O'Kane Gallery FY23
  Social Sciences FY23
  History, Humanities and Lanangues FY23
  Male Minority FY23
  Interdisciplinary Studies FY23
College of Sciences & Technology College of Sciences & Technology, Office of the Dean FY23
  Mathematics & Statistics FY23
  Computer Sciences & Engineering Technology FY23
  Natural Science FY23
  Scholars Academy FY23
  Nursing FY23
Enrollment Management Enrollment Management FY23
  Admissions FY23
  Campus Solutions FY23
  Enrollment Communications FY23
  Graduate and International Admissions FY23
  Joint Advising FY23
  Registrar FY23
  Scholarship and Financial Aid FY23
  Testing Services FY23
Student Success and Student Life Student Affairs FY23
  Disability Services FY23
  Career Development Center FY23
  Health Services FY23
  Sports and Fitness FY23
  Student Activities FY23
  Veterans Services FY23
  Gator Success Center FY23
  Upward Bound FY23
  Testing Services FY23
  Talent Search FY23
Administration & Finance Administration & Finance FY23
  Business Affairs FY23
  Facilities Management FY23
  Information Technology FY23
  Public Safety FY23
Advancement & External Relations Advancement & External Relations FY23
Human Resources Human Resources FY23