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Gift Card Request Form and Distribution

Gift cards or certificates may be purchased if they are approved by the appropriate college/division administrator on the Gift Card Request Form.

Gift Card Request Form

Gift cards must be kept in a secure campus location (e.g., locked drawer or safe) until distributed. The distribution of the gift cards/certificates must be documented, including date of distribution, name of recipient, and signature of recipient acknowledging the receipt.

Gift Card Recipient Form

If the gift cards are for a confidential human subject study, the department must retain distribution records in their files for seven fiscal years after the grant expires. Otherwise, distribution records must be uploaded to the voucher document page in the finance system when the distribution is complete. Someone other than the gift card custodian will review the gift card records at least once a month to verify that all distributed and undistributed gift cards are accounted for and will report any discrepancies to the college/division administrator. If the department awards a gift card/certificate to an employee, the department is also responsible for reporting this amount to the Tax Department as the employee's taxable benefit in accordance with SAM 03.D.06. If the department awards a gift card/certificate to a non-employee and the total amount received by the non-employee in a calendar year is $600 or more, the department is responsible for submitting the non-employee's W-9 Form and reporting the amount to Accounts Payable, so that the non-employee can be issued a Form 1099-MISC.