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PS-05.C.02 - Procurement Options - Outside Vendors

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EFFECTIVE DATE: September 09, 2020

ISSUE #: 6

PRESIDENT:  Antonio Tillis (Interim)


This document outlines the general power and responsibilities of all procurement departments and the options available for making purchases of commodities and services from outside vendors utilizing all university funds. This policy applies to purchases of goods and services from outside vendors. Procurement of goods and services from university departments is handled through SC Vouchers (SCVs). 


2.1 Local (Non-State) Funds: Funds under the general authority of the university used to provide for expedient procurement of goods and services necessary to support University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) mission, goals, and objectives. Local Funds cannot be used for political aid, retained counsel fees (unless authorized by the office of the Attorney General of Texas). For the purposes of this policy, all university funds are included except state funds. (Although this category includes sponsored project funds, the restrictions of the particular funding agency supersede university guidelines for local funds, if applicable.) 

2.2 State Funds: Funds appropriated by the State Legislature including, but not limited to, education and general funds, Higher Education Assistance Funds (HEAF), and Advanced Research Project (ARP) and Advanced Technology Project (ATP) funds. Higher Education Assistance Funds (HEAF) may also include proceeds from sale of bonds collateralized with HEAF funds. 

2.3 State Contract: A contract awarded by the Comptroller of Public Accounts in order to establish a source of supply for goods and services used in volume by a majority of the state agencies. Term contracts are awarded when the prices for goods and services are firm for the duration of the contract or when they are adjusted upward or downward under defined conditions. Contracts are based on estimated quantities needed over a period of time specified by the Commission (usually 12 months). 


3.1 University purchases are subject to all limits, policies, and procedures set by the Comptroller of Public Accounts and other state and federal laws and regulations. 

3.2 Funding Accounts outline the procurement options by fund type and dollar range. 

3.3 No person has the authority to bind UHD contractually, except in accordance with this policy. 


4.1 Policies and procedures governing procurement at the university and expenditure of university funds may be found in the UHD Financial Affairs Policy Statements. 


Responsible Party (Reviewer): Executive Director, Budgets, Procurement and Contracts

Review: Every three years on or before August 1st .

Signed original on file in Human Resources. 


Issue #1: 11/01/99

Issue #2: 10/15/01

Issue #3: 08/12/10

Issue #4: 11/19/14

Issue #5: 03/19/18 


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Comptroller of Public Accounts