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Voucher in general terms is a payment mechanism that allows authorized personnel to request non-payroll payments. Within the limits defined herein, University of Houston-Downtown business management personnel may be authorized to make direct purchases of commodities and services, which are submitted for payment or reimbursement directly to Accounts Payable via voucher. This purchasing mechanism is authorized for purchases or reimbursements to one vendor or employee of dollar amounts of $3,000 or less per transaction with federal funds and $5,000 or less per transaction with all other funds (i.e., non-federal funds), including freight and delivery charges, as well as purchases of other items specifically authorized by UHD and UH System policies. In addition, vouchers utilizing state funds are subject to the restrictions contained in the Comptroller's online resource for purchase policies and procedures known as eXpendit. Only those persons authorized to do so may commit University of Houston-Downtown funds. An obligation incurred by a person who is not authorized to commit university funds or that is made contrary to university guidelines becomes the personal responsibility of that individual and not of the University of Houston-Downtown.

University of Houston-Downtown Policies relating to financial transactions can be found on the link below

Financial Affairs Policy Statements

Please access the link below for step by step instructions to create and approve a voucher.