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Cash/Check Handling

Cash/Check Handling

The State of Texas and the University of Houston-Downtown require all employees who handle cash on behalf of the University to complete a cash handling training each fiscal year. In accordance with UHD Policy statement PS 05.A.18, PS 05.A.04, PS 09.A.01 all cash transactions involving the University, its colleges, or any departments are subject to all applicable state laws and regulations and University policies and procedure including University of Houston System Administrative Memoranda 03.A.07, – Petty Cash Procedures, 03.F.01 – Gift Acceptance, and 03.F.04 – Cash Handling. All University employees have a fiduciary responsibility to the University to handle cash properly, and in accordance with the procedure outlined below.  


For this context, Cash includes U. S. currency (dollars and coins); personal, business, bank, and cashier's checks; money orders; travelers' checks; or foreign drafts (but not foreign currency.) When a University employee receives cash, it is to be deposited promptly into the appropriate authorized University cost center. Departments may not retain cash overnight. If cash collection is done off-campus, the department manager must ensure all cash is placed in a bank bag and dropped in the Night Depository at the Cashier's Office. Please time/date stamp the check envelope upon receipt and attach as supporting documentation for compliance purposes. 

When cash is received, the cash handler is to log the check number, amount, and vendor in a departmental log before making the deposit. It is the responsibility of the cash handler to make sure that a journal entry is completed in PeopleSoft by Cashiers office. All departments should reconcile the 1074 Department Verification report against the departmental records and cash receipts log on a monthly basis. The same employee should not have both cash handling and monthly verification responsibilities. 

Banner now uses PeopleSoft Cost Centers and Accounts for all accounting processes instead of the old FRS Accounts and Sub-codes.  There is no longer any need to maintain a list of FRS codes for your cost center.  All Detail Codes in Banner have been changed and will continue to map to the same Cost Centers.  Departments making deposits in the Cashier's Office should now use the new deposit form.


Department Deposit Form Used for deposits, required by PS 05.A.18, Cash Handling.