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PS-05.C.03 - Purchase Requisitions

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EFFECTIVE DATE: February 21, 2020

ISSUE #: 5

PRESIDENT:  Juan Sánchez Muñoz


This document outlines the circumstances under and the process by which a Purchase Requisition should be submitted to the Purchasing Department. The system described applies to purchases utilizing all University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) funds, regardless of dollar amount. 


2.1 Purchase Requisition: A purchase requisition is a form completed through Workflow in the PeopleSoft Finance system. Upon completion of the requisition and approval by the appropriate signature authority, the form is submitted to the Purchasing Department through Workflow to initiate a purchase. 

2.2 Request for Change Order: A form used to request a change to an existing purchase order. The form is completed, approved, and submitted via email to the Purchasing Department to initiate the change order. 

2.3 Rush Requisition: A requisition that will receive priority treatment by the purchasing staff. 


3.1 UHD’s Purchasing Department has been delegated the authority and responsibility for routine purchases of supplies, equipment, and services for the University (See SAM03.B.01, Purchasing Guidelines and PS 05.C.02, Procurement Options-Outside Vendors.) 

3.2 The following purchases must be requested through the Purchasing Department on a purchase requisition, regardless of the dollar amount: 

3.2.1. Equipment lease, rental or maintenance agreements 

3.2.2 Radioactive materials, x-ray machines, Class 3b and 4 lasers, biological safety cabinets, and other hazardous materials 

3.2.3 Vehicles (including low-speed vehicles such as golf carts, Segways, etc.) 

3.3 Goods and services costing more than $3,500. per transaction using federal funds and more than $5,000. per transaction for all other funds (i.e., non-federal funds), including freight and shipping. 

3.4 The State of Texas has awarded term contracts that are available for use by all state agencies and institutions of higher education. For information, regarding what items are available on state term contracts, contact the Purchasing Department. When using a state term contract, a requisition must be submitted to the Purchasing Department regardless of dollar amount. 

3.5 There are several contracts available that UHS can use when purchasing items. When using these contracts, it is not necessary to bid the purchase. However, Purchasing may bid items if it is considered in the university’s best interest. Some examples of contracts are: UHS, E&I Cooperative Service Inc., Department of Information Resources (DIR), TXMAS, OMNIA Partners, The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN), etc. When utilizing these contracts to make a purchase, a requisition must be submitted to purchasing. Contact the Purchasing Department for more details or if you are unsure of purchase methodology. 

3.6 For purchases using UHD or UHS contracts and costing $5,000 or less for local funds and $3,500 or less for federal funds, the purchase will be made through the voucher process using the contracts path. Requisitions will not be accepted for these purchases unless otherwise required by section 3.2. 

3.7 When making purchases with state funds for goods or services, the requestor must check if the goods/services are provided through Workquest (Formerly TIBH) and if so, provide justification explaining why Workquest is not being used. 


4.1 A university department requests a purchase order by submitting a Purchase Requisition through Workflow to the Purchasing Department. Any needed changes after the initial purchase order is complete may be requested by submitting a Change Order Request form

4.2 In order for a requisition to be rushed, Purchasing must be notified by the department head explaining the rush request. Upon approval of the request the requisition will be considered a rush. 

4.3 Certain types of purchases require the approval of individuals other than cost center managers. See Required Prior Approvals

4.4 The Addendum C for purchase requisitions exceeding $100,000 must be completed and approved. After the final approval is obtained, the requisition and the Addendum C should be returned to Purchasing Department for processing.


Responsible Party (Reviewer): Purchasing Coordinator

Review: Every three years on or before August 1st .

Signed original on file in Human Resources. 


Issue #1: 10/15/01

Issue #2: 08/12/10

Issue #3: 03/09/15

Issue #4: 03/19/18


UH System Administrative Memorandum 03.B.01

PS 05.C.02

Change Order Request

Required Prior Approvals

Addendum C