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Information Technology

Departmental Computing/Telecommunication Responsibilities

Each division and department should assign responsibility for the management of information technology resources and for monitoring compliance with university information technology policies:

  • Assess department business functions and activities at risk and plan for prompt restoration of essential departmental functions and data in the event of a disaster.
  • Define plans for lifecycle management—lease/purchase implementation and disposal of hardware and software and their operational maintenance.
  • Ensure appropriate security controls and back-up and record retention procedures are in place.

UHD Policies Relating to Use of Information Technology Resources

Policy Statement Number Policy Title
08 Information Systems
08.A.01 Review of Information Systems Resources Requests
08.A.02 Information Systems Policies, Procedures, Standards, and Plans
08.A.03 Academic Technology Committee Policy
08.A.04 Computer Access, Security and Use Policy
08.A.05 Academic Computing Services
08.A.06 University Website Policy