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Meet the Advisors

Academic Advising Leadership​​

Dean, University College: Dr. C. Birchak

Executive Director, Academic Advising & Mentoring:

​Associate Dean, University College: Dr. William Waller  

Assistant Dean, University College: Dr. Charlie Finch  

Academic Advising/Transfer Center​

Name ​Title ​Intended Majors
​​​Sylvia Medellín​Associate Director of Advising​​College of Business & College of Humanities & Social Sciences​
​Donna Dodson-TibbsAssistant Director of Advising​College of Public Service ​
​Sarah HoAssistant Director of AdvisingCollege of Sciences & Tech.
Christina WilliamsAsst. Director for CHSS​College of Humanities & Social Science​
​Sharona Castello​Academic Advisor I​College of Business
​​​Ralph Estrada​Academic Advisor II​College of Business
Ricky Whitehead​​Academic Advisor I​College of Sciences & Tech.
​​​​​Trevor Jones​Academic Advisor II​College of Sciences & Tech.
​​​​​Steve Hall​Academic Advisor II​College of Business​
​​​Laura Holloway​Academic Advisor I​College of Public Service
​​​Tristan Jackson​​Academic Advisor II​​College of Public Service
​​​Thalina Sabido​Academic Advisor II​College of Business
​​Rita Thomason​Academic Advisor I​College of Humanities​ & Social Science
​​​Jocelyn Veasley​Academic Advisor II​​College of Sciences & Tech.
​​​Destiny Anderson​Academic Advisor ICollege of Sciences & Tech.​​​

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