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B.A. in Spanish in Degree Sheet


The United States is now the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. According to the U.S. Census, the U.S. will be the largest Spanish-speaking nation on in the world by 2050. The ability to speak Spanish will be, and already is in some areas of the nation, a vital skill in many professions.

The Bachelor of Arts in Spanish program focuses on applying foreign language skills to a variety of environments. As a graduate of the program, you will be well-positioned for employment opportunities in which bilingualism is an asset.

About the Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Spanish is a 120-hour-credit program that allows students to gain a holistic understanding of the Spanish language, literature and culture. The B.A. in Spanish also provides for an 18-hour concentration in another field of the student’s choice, which makes graduates more competitive in the workforce.

Students enrolled in the program acquire a global perspective as they explore the second most widely spoken language in the world—more than 500 million speakers in 23 countries.

Additionally, students acquire highly marketable skills, such as translation, critical reading, clear writing, cultural competency, adaptability to different environments, and creative innovators of ideas that are the result of observing and studying other cultures. Many students in the program combine their studies with other areas to prepare them career opportunities, such as international business, social justice and government, interpreting and translation, analytical linguistics, healthcare, law enforcement, community outreach and education.


Students also have the option of choosing a minor (minimum of 18 hours) in Spanish-English Translation. Students can earn a minor in one of three Spanish translation tracks—general, medical, or legal. This minor allows students to improve their vocabulary and translation skills in both languages for careers in the medical and legal industry.


The Spanish degree program sponsors a month-long study abroad trip to Costa Rica in May−June. Spanish students may use to take two classes abroad (6 credit hours) and immerse themselves into the Costa Rican culture. Scholarship opportunities also are available.


For students, who have not taken Spanish before at the college or high school level, the Spanish program offers a free Spanish Placement Test. The test may be taken at UHD (One Main Building Room N950) or at home. For more information about the Spanish Placement Test, contact Dr. Albert DeJesús at


Students may request retroactive credit (up to 8 credit hours in Spanish) at no extra cost, if they have:

  • taken the Spanish Placement Test
  • taken course they placed into at UHD and received a the grade of a “B” or an “A”.

Affiliated Student Organizations

Sigma Delta Pi – The National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society is a selective national honor society for students of Spanish at the university and college level. The society emphasizes academic achievement in Spanish language and culture and also promotes Hispanic/Latino culture through service opportunities. Initiation into the Society occurs every fall and spring semester. UHD members can apply for Society scholarships and undergraduate/graduate research grants. For more information about Sigma Delta Pi, contact Dr. William Nowak at

Career Options

A Bachelor of Arts in Spanish prepares graduates for a variety of careers:

  • Bilingual Officer
  • Community Liaison
  • Government Affairs
  • International Business
  • Journalist
  • Spanish Teacher
  • Translator
  • Travel Agent

Getting Started

Median Salary

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the national average salary of an interpreter and translator is $46,120; travel agent is $36,460; foreign language teacher is $51,620; and foreign correspondent is $37,720.

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