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05 Financial Affairs

A - Financial, General

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Policy Statement Number Policy Title Effective Date
05.A.01 Entertainment Expenditures Policy 11/11/20
05.A.02 Signature Authority of University Funds 07/05/19 (Reaffirmed 02/17/23)
05.A.03 Expense Report Preparation Policy Rescinded
05.A.04 Petty Cash Policy 12/20/19
05.A.05 University Credit Cards 11/11/20
05.A.06 Contract Administration Policy 01/10/22
05.A.07 Check Request Procedures for UH Foundation Funds
See SAM 03.A.10
05.A.08 Interagency Contract Policy Rescinded
05.A.09 Expenditure Reimbursement From HEAF Bond Proceeds
See PS 05.C.01
05.A.10 Deficit Account Balance Control Policy 04/16/21
05.A.11 Disposition of Abandoned and Unclaimed Personal Property 07/05/19
05.A.12 Expenditure Allocations and Adjustment Policy 08/02/19 (Reaffirmed 05/05/23)
05.A.13 Service Center Transaction Policy Rescinded
05.A.14 Verification of Cost Center Activity 07/05/19 (Reaffirmed 02/17/23)
05.A.15 Imprest Disbursement Policy Rescinded
05.A.16 Agency Funds Policy 07/05/19 (Reaffirmed 02/17/23)
05.A.17 Contracting with Historically Underutilized Businesses 04/10/20
05.A.18 Cash Handling Policy 11/11/20
05.A.19 Continuing Education Fees Rescinded
05.A.20 Continuing Education Departments – Revenue Accounting Rescinded
05.A.21 Wireless Communications Stipend Policy 05/03/19
05.A.22 Identity Theft Prevention - Red Flags Program Policy 08/02/19 (Reaffirmed 02/17/23)
05.A.23 Employee Financial Responsibility 02/17/23
05.A.24 Tuition, Fees, and Charges 01/06/16
05.A.25 Moving and Relocation Expenses Policy 02/01/19

B - Budgeting

Policy Statement Number Policy Title Effective Date
05.B.01 Budget Maintenance and Transfer Policy 06/22/21

C - Purchasing

Policy Statement Number Policy Title Effective Date
05.C.01 Procurement - General 02/21/20
05.C.02 Procurement Options - Outside Vendors 09/09/20
05.C.03 Purchase Requisitions 02/21/20
05.C.04 Advance Payment for Goods and Services 09/09/20
05.C.05 Emergency Purchase Orders 09/09/20
05.C.06 Blanket Purchase Orders 09/09/20
05.C.07 Code of Conduct - Procurement Responsibilities Rescinded
05.C.08 Receiving and Returning Shipments 02/21/20
05.C.09 General Procurement / Procurement Card (Interim) 05/13/22