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MBA Graduates at Commencements

Everything you need to know about starting and completing your MBA degree at UHD is available here. We are confident this program’s curriculum and instructors will exceed your expectations, and provide you with a creative and innovative means for achieving success.

This MBA program teaches highly applicable skills needed in today’s evolving business environment to tackle the real world challenges  that today’s professionals face on a daily basis.

At the University of Houston – Downtown’s College of Business, we are Developing Today’s Professionals into Tomorrow’s Leaders.

The General Management MBA track focuses on a broad study of management and operations applications. The General Management MBA is delivered one course per session and are two credit hours each.  This option is only available to those who apply as a traditional applicant.  The student has the option to take general management in the traditional format beginning with the MBA core and then finishing up with the concentration courses. 

General Management Course Delivery

  • Courses are 2 credit hrs each
  • Hybrid format
  • 8 Week Sessions
  • One Courses per Session
  • Not available for soft start


MBA 6101Presentation Skills for Business Success
MBA 6102 Graduate Colloquium (for each concentration)1
MBA 6201 Leadership, Team Building and Team Management2
MBA 6206 Operations Management2
MBA 6209 Human Resources Managment2
MBA 6210 Legal Environment of Management2
MBA 6214 Management in a Global Context2
MBA 6290 Current Topics/Independent Study2
  Total Hours


The core courses are included in our part-time and full-time MBA programs. The courses include the following:

MBA 6202 Strategic Management 2
MBA 6203
Managerial Accounting and Budgeting 2
MBA 6204 Managerial Finance 2
MBA 6205 Management of the Supply Chain 2
MBA 6207 Management of Information Systems 2
MBA 6208 Marketing Management 2
MBA 6211 Managerial Decision Making 2
MBA 6212 Managerial Economics 2
MBA 6213
Management of Organizational Behavior
MBA 6216 Capstone 2
  Total Hours 20

Please note that for some MBA candidates, leveling courses may be required.

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