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Team Teaching

faculty teaching  

Each course in each of the eight corporate driven concentrations/graduate certificates will be team taught.  Along with one of our excellent College of Business professors, you will find a seasoned expert from the corporate community to team teach the entire class.  Both of these talented professionals will be in the classroom for the entire class for each of the class meetings.  Since the class is flipped, the lecture material will have previously been provided by the College of Business faculty member for each class.  This allows the entire class meeting time to be devoted to ensuring the members of the class understand the application of the material.  The industry instructor, or Corporate Fellow as we call them, is charged with each week providing the class with immediate takeaways – something they can take back to their job in the coming week that will be helpful to them.

While the College of Business faculty member and the Corporate Fellow meet and plan each week's class meeting, this enhanced class time often includes the discussion of related work concerns that students raise during the class discussion.  As you might expect, students are raving about this teaching model.  The discussion is typically so rich, we are finding students aren't ready to leave at the end of the class – often staying to continue the engaging class discussion.  We believe the team teaching model is driving tremendous value to our students.