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Flipped Classroom

Classes in the corporate driven concentrations/graduate certificates and the MBA Core are flipped.  That is, the College of Business professor will have previously recorded the lecturer material.  Most often the professor will have broken the material into concept "chunks" – a series of shorter videos with each one devoted to a single concept.  Students are expected to have read the assigned chapter material, done the assignments/readings as well as having viewed the videos prior to class.  By already having been provided the lecture material, this allows the entire class to be devoted to helping students gain an understanding of the application of the chapter material.

These videos are available to students on a 24/7 basis.  Thus, when a student is working on an assignment or preparing for an exam and is uncertain regarding a particular related topic, he/she can access the professor's explanation of that topic – and view it as many times as necessary – to gain the desired clarity before continuing.