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CHSS Online Teaching Initiative

Resources for Faculty

To teach effectively online, an instructor has to consider and apply instructional design strategies and tools appropriate for online delivery. Consider using some of the resources below that are designed to help you with your online course design.

Review: A Handbook of Online Teaching

Teaching an online course for the first time can be a daunting task. To aid you, a group of the CHSS faculty has developed A Handbook of Online Teaching (revised and updated for 2020) with tips on how to organize and present content in Blackboard. The handbook covers a variety of topics including online course preparation, teaching tools and strategies, teaching resources by discipline, timely feedback, and many other topics.

Here are additional materials for your review:

Browse Blackboard Course Design Demonstrations
When setting up a course in Blackboard, consider a variety of options for organizing content for easy access by students. Browse a variety of sample course design demonstrations to choose the right option for you:

Department of Arts and Communication
Ashley Archiopoli, COMM 3321
Natalia Matveeva, COMM 3306
Creshema Murray, COMM 4330
Beth Secor, ART 1310

Department of English
Godwin Agboka, TCOMM 6310
Sucheta Choudhuri, ENG 3312
Wayne Schmadeka, TCOM 3302
Johanna Schmertz, ENG 3305

Department of History, Humanities, and Languages
Raquel Chiquillo, SPAN 3324
Aaron Gillette, HIST 1306
Andrew Pavelich, PHIL 3320

Department of Social Sciences
Stephanie Babb, PSY 3303
Ruth Johnson, PSY 3319
Laila Sorurbakhsh, POLS 6306

Explore UHD Library Resources for Online Teaching

The UHD library and its librarians are eager to help you with your online courses. Some of their services include:

  • document scanning
  • instructional sessions on secondary research and citation styles
  • supplemental resources (including video tutorials) by discipline or for a specific course

Some of the existing resources available for linking in Blackboard include

Get Additional External Training
Two main sources of additional external training include Online Learning Consortium and Quality Matters. The UHD Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence may cover the cost of some of the workshops for faculty teaching online. Review the lists of the available workshops and choose the option that fits your schedule and interest.

Online Teaching Guide

Fall 2020 Online Teaching Guide (pdf)  UHD resources to assist with online instruction.

CHSS Faculty Survey

This survey is to address the needs of CHSS faculty for online teaching. Please answer this survey to help discover the resources needed to better assist CHSS faculty for online course instruction.

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