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Digital Accessibility Resources

All content hosted on UHD web pages must be accessible. This includes linked PDFs, presentations, Word and Excel documents, videos, audio, and official social media posts. This also includes emails, links (URLS), forms, surveys, Zoom meetings, and online newsletters.

What is Digital Accessibility?

In the context of digital platforms and the Internet, accessibility is about designing systems so people are able to enjoy the benefits of online experiences—regardless of whether they live with blindness or low-vision deafness or are hard of hearing physical disabilities mental health challenges speech and language disorders, or learning and cognitive disabilities.  Accessibility means ensuring everybody can utilize the same products and services. (

How Does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Impact College Campuses

Each section or Title of the ADA is specific to a different area of public access for persons with disabilities. Sections that are most relevant to universities and college campuses are Title I, II, and III, in addition to Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Campuses are expected to comply unless they can prove undue hardship. (from

University of Houston System Accessibility Resources

POUR, t​​​he four principles of digital accessibility state that content must be:

  • Perceivable,
  • Operable,
  • Understandable and
  • Robust 

From (

What is a Screen Reader?

"A screen reader is an assistive technology, primarily used by people with vision impairments. It converts text, buttons, images and other screen elements into speech or braille."  Learn more about screen readers and view a demonstration on Axess Lab

Free Screen Readers for Testing Accessibility

Accessibility Checking - Important Points

  • No automated accessibility checker will ensure that a document is fully accessible. Content can pass a checker but still be inaccessible. Some aspects of accessibility checking will require human review such as checking tables, color contrast, audio, video, and ALT text. 
  • An accessibility checker should be used as a part of content creation work flow (web pages, documents, presentations, emails, etc..)
  • For M.S. Office, use the Accessibility Checker with each office application

Canvas Learning Management System Accessibility