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CHSS Faculty Publications

Dr Stepahine Babb's book  

Meeting the Needs of Non-Traditional Undergraduate Students
by Stephanie Babb

Dr Mike Duncan's book 

Rhetoric and the Synoptic Problem
 by Mike Duncan

Dr Felicia Harris' book 

First in the Family:
 Biblical Truths  for Cycle Breakers

by Felicia Harris

Dr Jason Caro's book 

Radical Civility: A Study in
Utopia and Democracy

by Jason Caro


Dr Laura Cesarco Elgin's book edit 

Lara Dopazo Ruibal,
Translated by Laura Cesarco Elgin

Dr Kristin J. Anderson's book  

Enraged, rattled, and wronged: Entitlement’s response to
social progress
 by Kristin J. Anderson

Dr Alexander M. Bielakowski's book 

Proud Warriors: African American Combat Units in World War II
by Alexander M. Bielakowski

Drs Chism, Ryden, Robertson and DeFreitas' book  

Critical Race Studies
Across Disciplines

Jonathan Chism, Stacie Craft DeFreitas, Vida Robertson, & David Ryden (Editors and Contributors)


Dr Jane Creighton's book  

Bone Skid, Bone Beauty
by Jane Creighton

Dr Peter Li's book 

Animal Welfare in China: Culture, Politics and Crisis
by Peter J. Li

Dr Scott Robinson's book 

John Locke and the Uncivilized Society: Individualism and Resistance in America Today
by Scott Robinson

Michelle A. Patriquin & Katrina A. Rufino editors of the book 

Suicide in children and adolescents: New interventions and risk factors
Michelle A. Patriquin & Katrina A. Rufino (Editors)


Michelle A. Patriquin & Katrina A. Rufino editors of the book<

Postcards in Braille
(Translation of Poems by
Sergio Pérez Torres)
by Stalina Villarreal

Dr. Norman L. Whitman's book  

An Examination of the Singular in Maimonides and Spinoza
by Norman L. Whitman


Jolanta Wrobel-Best (Editor) 

Wheels of Change:
Feminist Transgressions in
Polish Culture and Society
 Jolanta Wrobel-Best (Editor)