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About CHSS

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) offers degrees in traditional liberal arts disciplines and interdisciplinary studies and in select applied programs that serve important needs in our employment and educational market.  The college also supports and enriches the broader curriculum and enhances the life of the university community through co-curricular initiatives in the Departments of Arts and Communication, English, History, Humanities and Languages, and Social Sciences and in the work of the O'Kane Theatre and the O'Kane Gallery. CHSS further engages the Houston community through its centers, which include the Center for Critical Race Studies,  the Center for Public Deliberation, Cultural Enrichment Center, and the Institute for Plain English Research and Study

Undergraduate Programs

Students interested in a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science can chose between 13 different majors house in three different departments.  The faculty incorporate a variety of high impact experiences in their respective degree programs, including the regular offering of "study abroad" courses, which integrate classroom instruction with class trips to a specific country.  

Graduate Programs

At present, CHSS offers three graduate degrees: (1) Masters of Arts in Non-Profit Management; (2) Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Composition; (3) Masters of Science in Technical Communications; (4) Master of Arts in Strategic Communication.  Prospective students who are interested in any of these degrees should feel free to contact the graduate directors, whose contact information can be found on each program's webpage.

Graduate Certificates

Currently the college offers five graduate certificates in: Composition StudiesHistory, Leadership and Strategic PlanningPlain Language, and Medical and Applied Health Communication.