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Past Conferences

A listing of previous scholarly events and conferences hosted by or sponsored by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Reflecting Black Symposium Conference
The symposium celebrated the beauty and richness of African American culture and highlight achievements and contributions African Americans have made to various sectors in the United States since 1619.

Restorative Justice
This conference introduced students - both women and men - to the principles of Restorative Justice by shedding light on sexual harassment and sexual assault in the #MeToo age for the purpose of educating and empowering students to be agents of change in their communities.

The conference was formed to encouraged college enrollment, retention, and graduation of women of color students. Admissions counselors and advisors were present to assist students with admissions and enrollment questions. Students learned what feminist activism looks like and why it is important.

Texas Open Education Conference
A conference to to convene librarians, faculty, administrators, and other open education practitioners and advocates in Texas.