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CHSS Inclusive Teaching Fellows Program

The CHSS Inclusive Teaching Fellows program developed from the AAC&U’s principle of inclusive excellence. In the AAC&U publication America’s Unmet Promise: The Imperative for Equity (2015), the authors define inclusive excellence as the “collective responsibility to equitably engage all students in high quality, evidence-based educational experiences.” In addition, the authors note that “an institution that commits to inclusive excellence intentionally designs experiences to accommodate differences in students’ aspirations, life circumstances, ways of engaging in learning and participating in college, and identities as learners and students.” Each year, CHSS faculty members are selected through a competitive application process to serve as Inclusive Teaching Fellows. Working together, these fellows develop and present research on a variety of topics related to inclusive teaching practices. Finding ways to reach all students and make classrooms more equitable allows CHSS faculty to support the mission of UHD while adhering to best practices for teaching and learning.

Throughout the spring and fall semesters, UHD faculty are invited to participate in the workshops held by the fellows. Past topics have included universal design, digital literacy, critical thinking, using the QM rubric to design in Canvas, and more.

Current and Past Fellows include:

Dr. Ayden Adler, Arts Administration

Dr. Ashley Archiopoli, Communication Studies

Dr. Sucheta Choudhuri, English

Dr. Shahnjayla Connors, Health and Behavioral Science

Dr. Michael Dimmick, English

Dr. Elizabeth Hatfield, Communication Studies

Dr. Giuliana Lund, English

Dr. Zeenat Mitha, Communication Studies

Dr. Ashleigh Petts, Technical Communication

Dr. Saveena Veramoothoo, Technical Communication