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Crime Prevention

Your Role in Preventing Crime

To accomplish a true partnership in crime prevention, the University of Houston-Downtown Police Department encourages community members to aid in maintaining a safe and secure environment for all UHD students, faculty, staff and visitors. To achieve this mission we recommend the following:

Safeguard your personal property

Do not leave your books, handbags and other personal valuables unattended in the cafeteria, student lounge, library, restrooms etc.; do not give locker combinations to anyone; do mark your books with some type of identifying mark for easy identification should they be stolen. If your books, handbag or other property are stolen, please notify the UHD Police Department immediately.

Voice concerns about disorder problems and crimes

Raise all concerns with the campus police department; do not wait until crimes occur or problems get out of control.

Report suspicious activities and crimes

We need the UHD community to serve as our eyes and ears and recognize strange or unusual behavior and activities on or near campus. Crime prevention includes contacting UHD Police Department when an individual notices suspicious activity, when you or the victim becomes aware of a public criminal incident or observes a potential public safety issue. If the UHD Police Department is not made aware of an incident, we cannot provide assistance to those in need or work to prevent it from occurring again.

Get assistance with personal problems

If you have a personal problem or aware of someone with a personal problem that you cannot manage yourself, please seek help before the problem escalates and causes further difficulties. UHD does offer student counseling services for students in need.

Get escort assistance

If you use off-campus parking lots, do not walk to your car alone. Use police escort assistance, university shuttle buses or walk with friends. You can use any of the Yellow Emergency Call Boxes on campus for an escort to your car.

Educate yourself about campus crime

The first step in addressing and solving crime and disorder problems is to educate yourself on the type, frequencies and locations of such incidents. Violent crimes do occur, but they are relatively rare. Most reported thefts are of unattended property or from unlocked offices or rooms. For additional information, see our Weekly Crime Log.

Work with campus police to solve problems

The UHD Police Department is only as effective as the relationships we form within the UHD community. When we work together with the community, we are in a better position to develop long-term solutions to problems by addressing the root of a problem rather than merely responding to it as just an isolated incident.

Comment on UHDPD personnel performance

The UHD Police Department would also like to know about positive police contacts. Please write the Chief a letter or note to let him know about a positive contact with our officers. We will let the officer know about your letter and a copy will be placed in the officer's personnel folder.

The quality of our service is enhanced by feedback from the community, and the Department has an extensive process in place to respond to citizen complaints.

Crime Prevention Programs

Throughout the year, various departments and organizations present programs that deal with crime prevention and safety on campus. These programs are announced on the web site as well on bulletin boards and TV monitors. A police officer provides a safety/security awareness presentation during the required orientation for all freshman and transfer students.

Safety Tips

Members of the University of Houston-Downtown community must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and the security of their personal property. The following precautions provide guidance:

  • Report all suspicious activity to the UHD Police Department immediately
  • Never take personal safety for granted
  • Try to avoid walking alone at night; walk with others if possible or use Police Escort Assistance
  • Limit your alcohol consumption, and leave social functions that get too loud, too crowded or that have too many people drinking excessively. Remember to call the UHD Police Department for help at the first sign of trouble
  • Carry only small amounts of cash
  • Never leave valuables (wallets, purses, cell phones, jewelry, backpacks, books, etc.) unattended
  • Carry your keys at all times and do not lend them to anyone
  • Do not leave valuables in your car, especially if they can be easily noticed
  • Lock up bicycles and motorcycles
  • Lock car doors and close windows when leaving your car
  • Engrave serial numbers or owner's recognized numbers, such as a driver's license number on each item of value
  • If you notice someone following you, get into a public place as soon as possible
  • Inventory your personal property and insure it appropriately with personal insurance coverage
  • Be aware of potential scams

The UHD Police Department suggests that all students, faculty and staff members store UHD's emergency contact information in their cell phone in case of an emergency. See Contact Information.


It is recommended that all students, faculty, staff and visitors of the University of Houston-Downtown carry photo identification (UHD ID's or driver's license) with them while on campus property. You should also attach emergency contact information (names and phone numbers) to your photo identification card.

Contact Information

Emergency: 713-221-8911
Non-Emergency: 731-221-8065