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Training Division Course Attendee Rules


  • Most courses hosted by the University of Houston-Downtown Police Department (UHDPD) are intended for individuals licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) as Peace Officers. However, some courses will allow for the enrollment of individuals who do not hold a TCOLE Peace Officer’s License. The target audience for each course will be specifically articulated. UHDPD employees shall complete an in-house training request form and submit it through the chain of command. Non-UHDPD employees (sworn and civilian) shall register here: UHDPD Training Registration.


  • Students needing to cancel their registration shall notify the Training Coordinator at least THREE DAYS prior to the start of class. Departments will be notified when students do not report to class.

Restricted Areas:

  • Students are not allowed in any areas of the police station, except the training area, without an escort or permission of the Training Coordinator.

Class Attendance:

  • Absences: Absences will not be permitted for mandatory training unless written documentation is received by the Training Coordinator and the absence is subsequently excused in writing by the Training Coordinator.
  • Punctuality: All trainings will be punctual in their start time. Personnel will be afforded a 10- minute window for tardiness provided their tardiness is reported to police dispatch and/or the on-duty patrol supervisor prior to the start of the training course. Other-agency personnel that expect to be tardy must email the Training Coordinator prior to the start of the course at Anyone failing to follow the aforementioned steps will not be admitted to the training. Anyone leaving early will not be given credit/attendance for the training.


  • Although we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed, a professional environment must be maintained. Thus, dress will be for a professional environment. Department uniforms or appropriate civilian attire must be worn. Any course attendee dressed in prohibited attire will be removed from the course. Attendees that are dismissed from the training will not be allowed to return for that course occurrence and will not receive credit for attendance. The following attire will not be allowed:
    1. Shorts
    2. Obscene graphics/text
    3. Flip-flops, sandals, open-toe shoes
    4. T-shirt; sleeveless shirts; tank tops; low cut shirts
      *Exceptions are made for t-shirts during courses that demand physical activity.*


  • Sworn Personnel: Sworn personnel shall ensure that his/her police badge is in plain view whenever open carrying his/her firearm.
  • Non-Sworn Personnel: Non-sworn personnel shall not be permitted to conceal carry during training courses and shall follow the approved Campus Carry Policy when moving throughout the campus.


  • All examinations are property of the department. No grades are published. The instructor of the course will advise each class of the grading criteria (discuss/written/practical/etc.) and minimum proficiency for each class.


  • Professional demeanor is expected. Disruptive, rude, or disrespectful conduct will not be tolerated.

Electronic Devices:

  • Cell Phones: Cell phones shall be turned off or put on silent. Cell phone calls should be made or received on class breaks only, except for emergencies. If a call must be made or received during course instruction, the attendee shall discretely exit the training area.
  • Laptops: Laptops will be allowed for course related material only. Course attendees found engaged on their personal electronic devices for any other purposes, will be removed from the training, will not be allowed to return for that course occurrence and will not receive credit for attendance.

Reading material:

  • Reading materials that are not provided and/or approved by the course instructor are strictly prohibited while class is in session.


  • All attendees are expected to participate in all class discussions and activities.
  • Discussions in the classroom will be confined to the subject matter at hand and will be conducted in a respectful and professional manner.


  • Students shall not use profane, vulgar, or obscene language in the classroom. Repeated occurrence after the issuance of a warning by the course instructor shall be grounds for dismissal. Attendees that are dismissed from the training will not be allowed to return for that course occurrence and will not receive credit for attendance.


  • Students will be responsible for maintaining a neat and orderly classroom.

Tobacco Products:

  • The consumption of tobacco products is not permitted during instruction. Smoking and/or vaping will be confined to the approved smoking areas throughout the campus.


  • Illness or injury to any student during class shall be reported to the instructor immediately.


  • All complaints and concerns will be addressed accordingly, beginning with the instructor of the class. If the complaint is not address and rectified by the course instructor, the complainant shall submit written documentation to the Training Coordinator at