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Crime Stoppers

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Things you should know about reporting to Crime Stoppers:

  • Crime Stoppers will NEVER ask you for your name, phone number, address, or any other information that could identify you.
  • Crime Stoppers does not record phone calls or have caller id. No one will know you called us unless you tell them.
  • Once you give us your tip, you will be given a code number. This is the only way Crime Stoppers can identify you.
  • You need to remember this number and provide it when you call back to check the status of your tip.
  • CRIME STOPPERS CANNOT CALL YOU with the status because we don’t ask for your phone number.
  • When you call back with your code number, we will let you know if your tip helped law enforcement arrest or charge a felony suspect/fugitive. If it did, we will give you instructions to go to a specific bank on a certain date to pick up your cash reward. You will not be asked to show any ID and the money you get does not have to be reported to anyone.
  • Crime Stoppers may pay cash rewards of up to $5,000 on serious crime in the Greater Houston Area.
  • The only requirement is you must report your tip directly to the Crime Stoppers Tip Line.


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