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UHD Fine Arts Alumna Becomes Associate Professor and  Co-Authors Book Chapter

Dr. Becky Black, a UHD Fine Arts alumna and now associate professor at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, recently published a co-written chapter with co-author Chelsea Shannon titled “Critical Digital Making and Public Pedagogy: Student-Institution Collaboration through Exhibition Making on Google Arts and Culture” in an edited book " Critical Digital Making in Art Education​", edited by Aaron D. Knochel, Christina Liao, and Ryan M. Patton.

This chapter features a project she created with her ART 1310 Intro to Visual Arts students in collaboration with the MFAH and Google Arts and Culture while she was teaching as an adjunct faculty member at UHD, prior to earning her Ph.D.  She also co-authored a case-study in my co-edited book, Socially Engaged Art History and Beyond that features this project. 

"Voter Engagement in the Design Classroom

Professor Natacha Poggio submitted two posters from her ART 2302 Graphic Design ll class.  Projects created by Taalir Lollis and Maia Revells, respectively a junior and a senior in the Fine Arts program, have been accepted and will be shared at the national event happening October 23, 2020 from Noon to 1:30 pm CST.   Zoom link to this event will be available soon.

This event is sponsored by Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at Cleveland State University.  The organizers are hosting a virtual event to contribute to the national collective energy around encouraging college students to vote in the 2020 election. The event, aimed at students participating in voting-themed projects this fall, will give them an opportunity to share their voting and civic engagement creative work with a vast network of peers across the country. This event is a means to draw attention to the collective power of students and stoke enthusiasm for participating in the 2020 election. The event is also an opportunity for faculty who develop civic engagement projects to connect for future support and collaboration.

Play Your Hand Cast Your Vote poster
Maia Revells
vote in different languages with mix and match face parts
 Taalir Lollis

​ ​
Student Alfredo Maldonado Presents Paper on "Impact of Covid-19 in the MENA Region"

Alfredo MaldonadoUHD student Alfredo Maldanado joined Dr. Leena Thacker-Kumar in presenting a paper on class conducted research for Political Science 4326. The presentation focused on examining the short and long-term impact of COVID 19 on countries in the Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA), most of which are plagued by fragile health care systems, failing economies, and political turmoil. In addition to further exposing and increasing the fragility of the health system, COVID19 has also been a catalyst for increase in State Control, further divisions in society between haves and have-nots, pulling out of U.S. military, and a rise in opportunities for Terrorist organizations to increase and consolidate their power. The presentation further highlighted that the impact of COVID 19, on MENA, is likely to last long after the immediate threat of the virus has been mitigated. The long- term impacts include monopolization of power by the States, increase in power by non-state actors like the terrorist organizations, and a resetting of priorities by larger powers (like the US) with reduced involvement in MENA.


Natacha Poggio’s Proposal Makes Ecuador Environmental Project A Possibility

Natacha PoggioNatacha Poggio’s U.S. Fulbright application was compelling enough to earn a spot in Ecuador as a Fulbright Alternate Candidate. “It’s a great honor to have come this far in such a rigorous selection process on my first try,” said Poggio, an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences’ Department of Arts & Communication.I believe it’s a sign of the importance of the work I’m proposing to do – I’m competing with all kinds of scholars, including scientists – and my application for an environmental design project earned me an Alternate slot.” - Natacha Poggio

If Poggio moves to a principal position, she would be based in Guayaquil, Ecuador, a port city known as a gateway to the Galapagos Islands, working with students at the Universidad de las Artes. ​ Read more about Poggio's opportunity​.

Dr. Edmund Cueva Receives Fullbright Award

Dr. Edmund CuevaDr. Cueva chose the University of Murcia in Spain to conduct archival research. For Cueva, Spain has been part of his travels over the years and where he has also delivered numerous papers. He even has relatives, mostly cousins, who reside in cities near Murcia. As a precursor to his trip next year, Cueva was invited to submit an abstract of a paper — “The Wicker Man: Nothing to Do With Dionysus?” — for the VII International Conference on Myth Criticism at Complutense University of Madrid in October. This year’s topic is, “Myth: Theories of a Controversial Concept.” Myth criticism is one of his areas of research — a genre he has published in frequently and often. Read more on Dr. Cueva's award​.​

CCRS Director, Dr. Vida Robertson​ Interviewed by Yahoo News

Dr. Robertson was interviewed by Yahoo News to give his input on the decline for the support of the Black Lives Matter movement.  Visit Yahoo News​.  

CHSS Dean's Inclusive Teaching Fellows for 2022​

Dr. Ashley Archiopoli, Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Dr. Ayden Adler, Assistant Professor of Arts Administration

Dr. Sucheta Choudhuri, Associate Professor of English

Dr. Shahnjayla Connors, Assistant Professor of Health & Behavioral Science

Dr. Michael Dimmick, Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Elizabeth Hatfield, Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Dr. Ashleigh Petts, Assistant Professor of Technical Communication

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