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UHD has a number of available resources to support sponsored programs and research activities.

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides a central location for sponsored project activities. This centralized function is designed to protect the integrity of UHD research. The office provides support to the faculty by facilitating the improvement and development of the sponsored programs climate at UHD. With the goal of maintaining a constant funding cycle for faculty, the Office of Sponsored Programs enhances the process by assisting UHD faculty in not only obtaining sponsored project funding, but also in the successful completion of sponsored projects.

A list of the UHD New Grants and Continuing Awards for Restricted Research can be accessed here.

The Committee on Protection of Human Subjects serves as a source of guidelines and review for faculty who wish to conduct research in which human subjects are involved.

The Committee on Organized Research comprises faculty members who, in consultation with the vice president of academic affairs, establish guidelines for the various types of proposals, formatting and evaluation criteria. The committee receives proposals and distributes funds on a schedule determined by the committee.

The W. I. Dykes Library offers numerous resources for research.