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Be part of the UHD Faculty community. Join us at a meeting. The UHD Faculty Senate meets from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. every first and third Tuesday during the fall and spring semesters.

Current Senate

Faculty Senate Officers:
Bernardo Pohl, President (2023-2024)
Jerry Johnson, President-elect (2023-2024)
Krista Gehring, Past President (2023-2024)
Paul Fulbright, Secretary (2023-2024)


College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS)
Aaron Gillette, HHL (2023-2025)
Ayden Adler, A&C (2023-2025)
Katrina Rufino, SOS (2022-2024)
Kit Cho, SOS (2023-2025)
Nell Sullivan, ENG (2022-2024)
Paul Fortunato, ENG (2022-2024)
Raquel Chiquillo, HHL (2022-2024)
Travis Crone, SOS (2022-2024)

College of Public Service (CPS)
Diane Miller, UE (2022-2024)
Kevin Buckler, CJSW (2022-2024)
Ronald Beebe, UE (2023-2025)
Nina Barbieri, CJSW (2023-2025)

College of Sciences and Technology
Elda Rueda, NS (2023-2025)
Gabriella Bowden, NS (2022-2024)
Katherine Shoemaker, M&S (2022-2024)
Ling Xu, CSET (2022-2024)
Youn-Sha Chan, M&S (2022-2024)

Marilyn Davies College of Business (MDCOB)
Arpita Shroff, ACCI (2022-2024)
David Epstein, MGTI (2022-2024)
Lucille Pointer, GMSC (2023-2025)
VACANT, GMSC (2023-2025)
Prakash Deo, FNIS (2023-2025)
Shuaifu Lin, FNIS(2023-2025)

Senators (Lecturers):
Adnan Javed, MDCOB (2023-2025)
Karina Rodriguez, CPS (2023-2025)
Kulwant Singh, CST (2022-2024)
Luke Fedell, CHSS (2022-2024)

Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC) - 2023-2024:
Bernardo Pohl, Faculty Senate President, Chair FSEC, UE, CPS (2023-2024)
Jerry Johnson, Faculty Senate President-elect, Chair CCE, NS, CST (2023-2024)
Krista Gehring, Faculty Senate Past President, CJSW, CPS (2023-2024)
Paul Fulbright, Faculty Senate Secretary, GMSC, MDCOB (2023-2024)
Luke Fedell, At-Large, CHSS (2023-2024)
Katherine Shoemaker, At-Large, CST (2023-2024)
Arpita Shroff, At-Large, MDCOB (2023-2024)

Past Presidents And Officers

Officers and senators for 2022-2023
Officers and senators for 2021-2022
Officers and senators for 2020-2021
Officers and senators for 2019-2020
Officers and senators for 2018-2019
Officers and senators for 2017-2018
Officers and senators for 2016-2017
Officers and senators for 2014-2015
Officers and senators for 2012-2013
Officers and senators for 2011-2012
Officers and senators for 2010-2011
Officers and senators for 2009-2010

Contact Us

Office of the UHD Faculty Senate
One Main Building
One Main Street, Suite OMB S630
Houston, TX 77002

Phone: 713-221-8018

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