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Short Term Deferment Plan

Short Term Deferment Plan

1st payment - February 1 2nd payment due onMarch1 3rd payment due on(including $24 set up fee) - March 15 final payment due on the April 11st payment - June 1 2nd payment due onJuly1 3rd payment due on(including $24 set up fee) - July 15 final payment due on the August 1

Session Description Installment Payment Due Installment Payment Due Installment Payment Due With Set Up Fee Installment Payment Due
Fall 2023 Term - Deferment Plan 1st Payment - August 19 2nd Payment - September 1 3rd Payment (including $24 set up fee) - October 1 Final payment - October 31st
Spring 2024 Term - Deferment Plan 1st Payment - February 1 2nd Payment - March 1 3rd Payment - March 15 Final Payment - April 1

UHD offers a Short Term Deferment Plan to Non-Resident and International students to lock in their semester enrollment without making an out-of-pocket payment at the time of execution.

Download the online Short Term Deferment Plan instructions

What you need to know:

  • This plan does not cover and cannot be utilized for prior unpaid balances.
  • This plan is available for students who may require additional time necessary for financial aid processing. Once financial aid has posted to the student account, the payment will be applied towards the future installments and the initial deferment. Any excess financial aid funding, after all tuition and mandatory fee charges are paid, will be refunded to the student via BankMobile.
  • Eligible students can apply for one Short Term Deferment Plan a semester.


  • The plan must be paid during the term for which it was entered and before registration for future semesters will be allowed.


  • Must be classified as a Non-Resident or International student.
  • Must be enrolled for the current semester.
  • Must not have any financial holds with the University or have any past due balances.