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Student Returned Check Policy

Student Returned Check Policy

Students who make payment to the university by check/echeck that are returned unpaid for any reason are assessed a $20 non-refundable service charge for each such check/echeck, regardless of the amount. If a check/echeck is returned as a result of bank error, the student must contact their bank for reimbursement of the $20 returned check charge paid to the University.

If such a check/echeck is presented in payment of tuition and fees, the payment will be reversed from the student account and the student will be subject to immediate financial hold restrictions. As a condition of enrollment in future terms, students must maintain good financial standing.

Therefore, if a check/echeck payment for tuition and fees for a previous term or debt is returned and a student is registered for a future term, his/her future enrollment may be Administratively Withdrawn upon receipt of the returned payment by the University.

If the initial check/echeck payment of tuition and fees for a future semester is returned and notice is received before the reporting day for the term as outlined in the Academic Calendar, all enrollment will be unsaved and the student must make the required payment by the next payment deadline or all classes will be dropped for non-payment.

If the check/echeck payment was for a miscellaneous item or transaction, a financial hold will be placed on the student account and the student will be responsible for immediate repayment to the appropriate department.

The student will be notified upon receipt of the returned check/echeck to his/her UHD GatorMail and other registered email addresses with the University. Repayment must be made immediately and can be remitted using cash, money order, cashier’s check, or credit/debit card. The student will be blocked from paying by check/echeck until the balance is paid in full. Upon occurrence of a third returned check, the University reserves the right to prohibit the acceptance of payment by check/echeck for the student’s duration of attendance/enrollment at the University. Any unpaid balances for returned checks will be sent to an outside collection agency and may be reported to one or more credit bureau reporting service(s). Collection Fees - Collection Agency Costs, not to exceed 30% of the principal balance, will be assessed on the unpaid balance of the account, after internal collection efforts have failed to result in full payment of the account.