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Fees Information

​​ Fees Info​rmation


  • Advising Fee - Used to support important new joint initiativ​es from Academic Affairs and Student Services and Enrollment Management geared toward significantly strengthening student advising at UHD.
  • Center Fee - Funds the following: O'Kane Gallery, Information Center, Student ID's.

  • Computer Use Fee - Used to support on campus, remote, and cloud-based technology services. 

  • Extended Access & Support Fee - Extended Access & Support Fee funds are used to support on-line instruction, F2F and ITV instruction at remote sites, and the Blackboard course management system.

  • International Education Fee - State mandated charge on all students to create scholarships for Texas students traveling (studying) abroad.

  • Lab Fee/Course Fee - Charges to offset the additional costs of conducting certain classes (mostly materials & equipment).

  • Library Fee - Supports the UHD library.

  • Records Office Fee – Provides unlimited electronic transcripts requests and adds/drops

  • Student Service Fee – Funds many university departments and services/activities. Some of the major recipients of funds are as follows: Financial Aid, Student Activities, Student Health Services, Counseling Center, Enrollment Services, Program Council, Placement Center, SGA and Dean of Students.

  • Wellness & Success Center Fee - Used for the purpose of financing, constructing, operating, maintaining, improving, and equipping a wellness and success center and for operating student wellness programs.



  • Excess Course Attempts Fee​
  • 3rd Time Repeat – This charge applies to any course that is repeated for the 3rd or more times.
  • Excess Credit Hours Fee - This fee is applied to any ​course taken once a student has exceeded 30 or 45 credit hours over the number of credit hours required for their degree program. The 45 hour limit applies to students that initially enrolled during or after Fall 1999 but before Fall 2006. The 30 hour limit applies to students that initially enrolled during or after Fall 2006.



Resident, Non-Resident, & International Tuition

​State mandated tuition rates and University of Houston Board of Regents designated tuition rates.




​​Fall or Spring

Summer I or II or III

Fa​ll and Spring

Stud​ent Lot




Vine Street Garage




Night- One Main Street Garage




2-Wheel Parking




Parking Handicap​ped




Important Information Regarding ​Your Cost of Higher Education

All previous balances must be paid in full. If you have any amount owed for a previous term, your payment may be automatically credited towards your previous term balance. If you receive a refund and have any balance on your account, it is your responsibility to pay the balance within seven days of receipt. Failure to do so, may result in termination of current term registration.​