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Special Education Class Group Project

Special Education

The Special Education Teaching Program incorporates research-based practices and interventions to address the various learning needs of students with disabilities.
By fostering collaboration among educators, families, and specialists, the program strives to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all students regardless of their learning needs.

​ The Urban Education Department offers a Special Education major that leads to certifications in:

  • EC - 12 Special Education
  • EC - 6 Core Subjects
  • ESL Supplemental

 This 123-credit hour program prepares you to teach students of all ages and disabilities. After finishing this program, you will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Education. This program is focused on current research-based practices and intervention for students with an array of learning needs and who come form socially and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Candidates engage in field-based coursework and complete a year-long student teaching experience in preparation for a successful career in education. Our diverse communities require highly qualified teachers who represent our student population to provide dynamic, equitable educational experiences for all school children. ​​​​